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Self Portrait - Acrylic on Canvas

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  • 25 One Person Exhibitions at the Wehrle Gallery, Ohio Dominican University
  • Numerous Group and One Person Exhibitions in Europe and United States
  • Acquisition by The Ohio State University Permanent Collection, "Sunflowers"
  • Acquisition by The Ohio State University President’s Collection, "Torso & Drums"
  • Acquisition by the Columbus Museum of Art Permanent Collection, "The Orange Man" 1980
  • Gerald B. Fenton Memorial Award, The Columbus Art League, "Poppycock", 1979
  • Permanent Collection, The National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia, "Kumeliņ, Kumeliņ"
  • Permanent Collection, The Diaspora Collection, Cesis, Latvia, "Sunflowers"
  • Permanent Collection at Garezers, Michigan "Sunflowers"
  • Permanent Collection, Lettonia, Riga Latvia
  • Permanent Collection, Gaujmalietes, Riga, Latvia
  • Numerous Corporate and Private Collections

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